Frequently Asked Questions

An adjustment is a controlled, high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust usually skillfully applied to a joint intended to restore lost mobility, remove any nerve interference and restore normal function of the joint. Our treatments and therapy are safe for people of all ages. The treatments are generally not painful. In fact, most patients look forward to their treatments as many experience instantaneous relief. There may be minor discomfort for individuals that present with moderate to severe pain, however care is always gentle, safe and non-invasive.

Chiropractic adjustments are often tailored to each patient’s age, body type, condition and goal they are dealing with. There are many techniques of adjusting and the doctor will use the optimal and most comfortable technique suitable for you and your concerns.
Chiropractic adjustments are safe for children of any age. Chiropractic care works really well for children because their bodies are still growing and changing. The body reacts most to physical and emotional stress earlier in life. These stresses can lead to other health conditions such as headaches, colic,bed-wetting, appetite changes, reflux, torticollis, etc. Chiropractic adjustments also allow to alleviate tense muscles and restore nerve interference ensure proper development. More and more parents are discovering the benefits of chiropractic care as their childrenlive healthier lives.
As of now, our office is not set up to direct bill your health insurer. The payment for the services rendered is collected from you, and you will be provided with a detailed receipt to submit to your insurance provider for any reimbursement.
Chiropractic care is safe for pregnancy and is often recommended. We are experienced in seeing pregnant women right from conception to labor and delivery. When pregnant, the body undergoes many physiological changes driven by hormones and a variety of factors. These changes can often result in pelvic changes, low back pain, ligament laxity, morning sickness and more. Chiropractic adjustments are aimed to help alleviate some of the discomforts and pains, relieve fatigued, aching muscles, while your body prepares for childbirth. Recovery post-partum is an important, often over-looked part of pregnancy. Specialtechniques designed to work with pregnancy are used to assure safe, evidence-based treatment.
For most, chiropractic adjustments are generally painless. If new to chiropractic treatment It is common for patients to involuntarily stiffen and resist. Mostly after the adjustment people are left feeling relieved, calm and notice improved mobility. For any patients uncomfortable with manual adjustments, modified techniques such as an activator and mobilizations are considered to assure patients feel at home.
There are several different types of headaches and the cause of them can differ from one individual to another. Environment, food, stress, dehydration and other factors can also play a role in triggering headaches. We can assess, diagnose and manage these types of headaches and deliver the appropriate manual therapy, lifestyle changes, and exercises to help alleviate and prevent headaches from recurring.